Winter League 2016 / 2017

25 October

Locomotive     Ranelagh B

Ranelagh A      Cool Trainers

Horseshoe P    LHWMC

1 November

G S Rising        LHWMC

Ranelagh B      Ranelagh A

Horseshoe P    Locomotive

8 November


Presentation Night

15 November

LHWMC           Cool Trainers

Locomotive     G S Rising

Ranelagh A      Horseshoe P

22 November


Swiftgate Preliminaries

+ Swiftgate Round 1

29 November


Pairs KO Preliminaries

+ Pairs KO Round 1

6 December

G S Rising        Ranelagh A

Ranelagh B      LHWMC

Horseshoe P    Cool Trainers

13 December

LHWMC           Locomotive

Cool Trainers   Ranelagh B

G S Rising        Horseshoe P

20 December

LHWMC           Ranelagh A

Ranelagh B      G S Rising

Locomotive     Cool Trainers

3 January


Free Week

10 January


Free Week

17 January


Free Week

24 January

Ranelagh A      Locomotive

Cool Trainers   G S Rising

Horseshoe P    Ranelagh B

31 January

Ranelagh B      Locomotive

Cool Trainers   Ranelagh A

LHWMC           Horseshoe P

7 February


Team KO Round 1

(First Leg)

14 February


Team KO Round 1

(Second Leg)

21 February

LHWMC           G S Rising

Ranelagh A      Ranelagh B

Locomotive     Horseshoe P

28 February

Cool Trainers   LHWMC

G S Rising        Locomotive

Horseshoe P    Ranelagh A

7 March

Ranelagh A      G S Rising

LHWMC           Ranelagh B

Cool Trainers   Horseshoe P

14 March

Locomotive     LHWMC

Ranelagh B      Cool Trainers

Horseshoe P    G S Rising

21 March


Swiftgate – Rounds 2 & 3

Swiftgate Plate- Rounds 1 & 2

28 March

Pairs KO Round 2

4 April


Team KO Semi-Final

(First Leg)


11 April


Team KO Semi-Final

(Second Leg)

18 April

Ranelagh A      LHWMC

G S Rising        Ranelagh B

Cool Trainers   Locomotive

25 April

Locomotive     Ranelagh A

G S Rising        Cool Trainers

Ranelagh B      Horseshoe P

2 May


Team KO Final

(First Leg)

9 May

Team KO Final

(Second Leg)

16 May


Free Week

17 October

KO Semi-Finals Night

(Pairs, Swiftgate, Swiftgate Plate)

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